How to buy our Cards

How to buy our Cards

If you want to support us and buy AdaQuest NFT Cards you will need the native Cardano currency ADA. These external tutorials will help you to set up a wallet and buy ADA. Further the links will inform you about Cardano and NFTs:

How to buy ADA?

What is Cardano/ADA?

What is a NFT?


Create an AdaQuest Account


Send ADA to your Account
How to?


Buy on our market an NFT-Hero with your balance

IMPORTANT: After payment your purchased NFT card will be automatically and immediately sent to your Cardano Wallet(Yoroi/Daedalus).
This given card will become your property. See our terms and conditions.

!!! Please do not send any ADAs from crypto-exchanges !!!
The receiving addresses do NOT manage NFT tokens !!!

Our native token - Quest Token - Earn & Use

Another native token, why?

In order to take full advantage of the Cardano Blockchain, the introduction of our own native token was only a matter of time. Before AdaQuest saw the light of day, we already determined as a Stake Pool Operator (SPO) that we would definitely need a reward system for our long-term supporters.

We knew that if we wanted to exist as a stake pool, such a system would be inevitable. We can already see how wonderfully this mechanism we invented will also affect AdaQuest. People seem to like our NO Pay2Win approach.

Therefore, the QuestToken will not only be a reward system for long-term supporters, but will also consider each of our supporters. The QuestToken will never affect game mechanics. However, if you want to dive a little deeper into the world of Ada and our so-called "Goblinverse" (see Metaverse), you will not be able to avoid the QuestToken.


Here you can see briefly and specifically listed how you can get our QuestToken:

QuestToken Distribution:

  • Receive 100QT for every 1000 staked of Cardano ADA in our QUEST pool.
    • Remember: Staking brings you every epoch (every 5 days) also ADA as a reward
    • Note: For this, however, it is necessary that our pool verifies (minted) at least one transaction block.
  • Get the tokens thanks to the service like (staking is necessary for this as well)
    • Attention: Currently you will incur additional costs of approx. 1.7ADA/transaction/epoch.
    • With the introduction of Hydra you will be able to pick up the tokens collected at any point in time
  • Buy our tokens in advance via and other services
  • Receives our tokens via Airdrop (AdaQuest account required)
    • This usually happens by surprise and is meant for our long-term supporters
    • Airdrops will be announced shortly. You don't have to do anything else, the QTS will land in your AdaQuest account automatically!


Here you can find a list of possible use cases of our QuestToken. Please note that we reserve the right to change certain parameters for the good of the project. This will hopefully be as rarely as possible the case 😊

QuestToken Uses:

  1. QuestToken give you a 20% discount on all available NFTs on our marketplace
    1. A certain number is needed per purchase, since we do not use decimal numbers, we will always round up from 0.5 to the next value.
      1. Example: Uncommon NFT cost == 29ADA - 20% (5.8 ADA) == final price 23 ADA (effective ~%20,69) + 200QTS
      2. Example: Common NFT cost == 16ADA - 20% (3,2 ADA) == final price 13 ADA (effective18 ,75%) + 100QTS
    2. Again, this ensures a certain degree of fairness!
  2. Quest tokens will allow you to buy cosmetic improvements. These include, among others:
    1. Emblems, special tribal insignia, cosmetic artifacts, decorations
    2. Skins for any kind of virtual items
    3. Profile pictures for social media channels, discord, AdaQuest portal etc.
  3. QuestTokens give you access to the planned Goblinverse (metaverse). This is expected to offer the following features:
    1. Housing for your tribe or you personally
      1. More setup options within the buildings
    2. Acquiring land parcels and placing property in select areas within AdaQuest
      1. Property == Shops, houses, resource sources and temples.

QuestToken "Burning":

To maintain a certain value and economic balance within AdaQuest, WE burn QuestToken every time they are used, according to the following formula. Thus, a symbiosis between development, crypto-staking and game is created!

Here's how it works:

When tokens are burned, typically tokens end up in an inaccessible wallet. On Cardano this works even better. Because when we burn a token, this token is irretrievable gone. No hidden wallets, no backdoors, no scam. So here you go:

33% of the amount collected is burned immediately

33% remain freely further acquirable

33% will be moved to Staking Rewards (fees may apply here).

In this case, the amount of QTS spent on the discount of an NFT always keeps the same ratio. Example:

  • 100 QTS = 20% discounts on a 20 ADA NFT
  • 200 QTS = 20% discounts on a 40 ADA NFT

Not enough?

Don't worry, we are constantly developing AdaQuest and as always, we emphasize that we first create a foundation for the community. Then we will test it with you and improve, add, or remove certain elements. All with the focus on fun and lore!

Goblinpaper→ (short & nice)
Whitepaper→ (lite & with detailed figures)


Deposit Ada and QuestToken

To complete the process quickly, please follow our step-by-step checklist:

1. Start your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet (download Daedalus / download Yoroi)

2. Synced and Adas in your own wallet? Good!

3. Now open your AdaQuest account on the website.

4. Click on the deposit address, copy it and follow the instructions. Please pay attention to the time limit!

5. If you need further help, have a look at our tutorial below or contact us via Discord. We'll be happy to help.

Deposit with Daedalus Wallet

Also with the Yoroi Wallet(download) you can top up your AdaQuest Wallet. Here you can choose if you only want to transfer ALL ADA into your AdaQuest-Wallet or if you also want to send QuestToken(if available). This makes sense if you want to keep the transaction fees low. 

IMPORTANT!!! Please do not send ADA from an exchange !!!Those receiving addresses there do NOT manage NFT tokens!!!

Step 1.)

Open the Daedalus Wallet app, navigate to your private wallet in the menu on the left.
After that, click on the SEND button.

Step 2.)

Navigate to the Receiver box, enter your deposit address from your AdaQuest user profile. Each user has their own unique address! After that you choose your QuestToken(if you have any!) in the dropdown menu under Token#(asset1f5s...0qgr).

Important! You will notice that Daedalus takes the token number times factor 10. So if you want to send 200 tokens, you enter ONLY 20, got it?

Last but not least, you enter at least 1,45 ADA, which you have to send within this transaction. You can of course choose here a higher amount that will be credited to your AdaQuest wallet so that you can buy our NFTs. So we recommend you to send at least 12ADA!!! Click the SEND button again.

Step 3.)

Now you just need to confirm the transaction. To do this, enter your "Spending Password" and click once again SEND.

Step 4.)

After that you will see that your Daedalus wallet will execute the transaction. Once it is completed, you will see a green label with "Transaction Confirmed" on it. Congratulations you have successfully replenished your AdaQuest wallet!

For security reasons we have removed the addresses and other personal information here.

Deposit with Yoroi Wallet

Also with the Yoroi Wallet(download) you can top up your AdaQuest Wallet. Here you can choose if you only want to transfer ALL ADA into your AdaQuest-Wallet or if you also want to send QuestToken(if available). This makes sense if you want to keep the transaction fees low. 

IMPORTANT!!! Please do not send ADA from an exchange !!!Those receiving addresses there do NOT manage NFT tokens!!!

Step 1.)

Open your Yoroi Wallet and select the SEND tab.

Step 2.)

Select your Quest token under Select asset. Enter your deposit address from your AdaQuest user profile using the Receiver box for it. Each user has his own unique address! Then enter the number of tokens you want to send.

Under Amount Options it should say CUSTOM AMOUNT. If you only want to send ADA, you have to select ADA under Select asset. Currently the wallet only supports single transfers. That means either you send ALL ADA and ALL your QuestTokens or a certain number of QuestTokens, but then you send only about 1.63 ADA.

We recommend to send all your Quest Tokens at once and then top up your AdaQuest Wallet with the required number of ADA. If you agree with your settings, you can click the NEXT button.

Step 3.)

Check your entry and enter the Spending Password to confirm your transaction. After that, click SEND.

Step 4.)

Congratulations! You have successfully sent your QuestToken or Ada to your AdaQuest wallet!

Frequently asked questions

Registration & Account

If you want to register just click on the Main Menu the Register button, fill out the form and click on Register. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. Please remember your credentials.


Just click on the Login button in the main menu. A pop-up will appear and at the bottom of it you can click on the "Forgot password?" link. Type in your email address and we will send you a retrievel email.


Buying and Trading

Buying our cards is easy and secure. First of all you need to create and AdaQuest account, log in, send some Cardano Ada to your account and then click on the marketplace. Here you can filter and search your favorite cards. Once you find the desired one you want just click on it. If this card is free you will be able to click on the buy button (right side of the screen). After accepting our terms&conditions you confirm the purchase and the minted card will be transfered immediately to your AdaQuest Collection. You can access it anytime.


Trading is currently only available outside of our marketplace. We are working NOW on a full functional version. Which will allow you safely trading and selling your AdaQuest NFTs through our market. Our advise is to collect and wait until this feature is enabled. Or you use other safe 3rd party nft marketplaces for your trades. Exchange among each other is also possible but currently NOT safe and should only be done with people you can trust!


NFT Cards

An NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrency, and they are generally encoded with the same underlying software as many cryptos. AdaQuest NFTs are unique and usable within the AdaQuest Game


Your NFTs are directly transfered to your daedalus or yoroi wallet. You can use it as you like. But remember, to play AdaQuest you need at least ONE NFT in your Wallet which you use for the transactions and which is connected with your AdaQuest Account.