Mega Easter Prizepool!

How we play?


  • We play Alpha 1.0
    • We run ARENA PvP
    • During the game, the AdaQuest team serves as referees
      • Should bugs appear, we reserve the right...
      • monitor the match directly
  • Pre Rounds = Best of 3
    • The players report the results independently to the project team.
      • Semi-finals will be streamed
      • Final will be played Best of 5 Modus 
  • We stream live on Twitch!
    • Please allow sufficient time for this!
      • Tournament can take long time due to a high number of participants
      • By participating you agree to publish screenshots...
      • pictures and statistics of your game!
  • The number of participants is limited to 256
    • This number should not be exceeded
      • Due to the possible shortage of time...
      • ...the number of participants may be reduced!
  • The profit may have to be taxed in your country!
    • The Red Potion Studios team is not a financial services provider or advisor
      • hereby we dissociate ourselves from any tips...
      • ...Advice, investment recommendations
      • Cryptocurrency are NOT considered... a security or national currency!


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