Easter Power %Sale%

How this work!

  1. Draw one of the "Easter Eggs" at random.
  2. Get something from the basket for 15 ADA!
  3. Use it in AdaQuest ARENA  

150x Common (15-30 ADA)
10x Cutlass Female
10x Bone Twister Male
10x Bone Twister Female
10x Grove Archer Male
10x Grove Archer Female
10x Obsidian Wand
10x Corrupted Axe
10x Frostrune Bow
10x Dune Veil
10x Everoak Armor
10x Circelstone Armor
10x Deeprooter Shield
10x Ray Seal

48x Uncommon (20 - 50 ADA)
4x Gleaming Sword
4x Earthbound Hammer
4x Lizardskin Mail
4x Zinir Trinket
4x Gunner Male
4x Gunner Female
4x Spade Walker Male
4x Spade Walker Female
4x Lava Lapis Male
4x Lava Lapis Female
4x Bark Fighter Male
4x Bark Fighter Female

5x Rares (100 ADA) 
5x Ultor Rare Weapon

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