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LevelUP Gaming Festival

On July 01 - 02, 2022 we were invited to the LevelUp Gaming Festival in Salzburg. We were able to show the gamers that NFTs and cryptocurrencies are not as evil as they claim to be and that we are developing a game in which your character is really yours for the first time, even outside of the game. We were able to find out that many people, regardless of their generation, quickly realize how much value a blockchain has and what you can do with NFTs through a small discussion. To our delight, we could see that many who were very skeptical at the beginning seemed more and more interested when everything was explained to them in detail.


We were allowed to create the very first LevelUP CNFTs (NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain) there and gave them away among the visitors of the festival. The first official LevelUP Gaming Festival NFTs came in three different rarity levels and were distributed randomly, of course most of the visitors had to create a wallet first to get this CNT. Through this action we were able to help over 100 people create an Eternl Wallet in 2 days.


Unfortunately we didn't have much free time to look at all the interesting things on the festival area, because we were busy with all the talks, plus we were invited to a stream of "LETSPLAY 4 Charity".


In a calmer phase we could have a look at the Main-Stage and the Retro Area. You could see that we became little kids again when we played Mortal Kombat on the SNES (Super Nintendo). 

Long story short, it was a very nice weekend and definitely worth the journey of almost 8 hours!