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NFT Staking incoming

The Cardanolands Partnership:


How the Voting and Staking works?



Connect to the website using NAMI or Eternl wallet In the “My Votes” menu, get voting points using the EXO token (the EXO is not burned, but only locked and you can take them back at any time). Go to the "Leaderboard" menu and place your votes for your favorite project! Click the VOTE button and on the small modal window put the number of votes that you want to spend. You can find our guide How To Vote here https://medium.com/@CardanoLands/how-to-vote-on-cardano-lands-staking-hub-5165c4c436a6



Every 14 days we are making the snapshot of leaderboard and in case you collection is in the top you will be able to stake your collection for next 14 days. To be able to stake you need to connect with your wallet and in the Inventory menu you will see your collection and its Mining Power. More about mining power calculation you can find here https://whitepaper.cardanolands.com/ecosystem/cnft-staking#mining-power-calculation You don't neet to lock your NFTs on smart contract. To stake you need just to keep it in your wallets. Every 24 hours (you will see the time in Inventory tab) you'll receive your rewards in Hexonium. You can claim your Hexonium at anytime when you have at least 100 Hexonium. You can hold it in your account it accumulates and wont get burned. Please note that each claim costs you 5 ADA, where 2 ADA goes to our Inventor's Prize Pool and you will receive back your Hexonium plus 3 ADA minus the blockchain fee.



Hexonium is Cardano Lands' in-game token and it'll be used in the first game - Metalab. This is the place where you can exchange your Hexonium for basic elements and combine them to craft and invent new resources. Launch of Metalab is planned for the end of September.