Claim your QTs now!


Here you can see briefly and specifically listed

how you can get our QuestToken:



Receive 100 QT for every 1000 staked of Cardano ADA in our QUEST pool.

  • Remember: Staking brings you every epoch also ADA as a reward
  • It is necessary that our pool verifies (minted) at least one transaction block.


Get the tokens through service like (staking is necessary for this as well)

  • Currently you incur additional costs of approx. 1.7ADA/transaction up to 7 epochs (1 month).
  • With the introduction of Hydra you will be able to pick up the tokens collected at any point in time


Receives our tokens via Airdrop (AdaQuest account required)

  • This usually happens by surprise and is meant for our long-term supporters
  • Airdrops will be announced shortly. You don't have to do anything else, the QTS will land in your AdaQuest account automatically!



Here you can find a list of possible use cases of our QuestToken.
This will hopefully be as rarely as possible the case QuestToken Use Cases:



1. QuestToken give you a 20% discount on all available NFTs on our marketplace

  • A certain number is needed per purchase, since we do not use decimal numbers, we will always round up from 0.5 to the next value.


Uncommon NFT cost = 29ADA - 20% (5.8 ADA)
final price 23 ADA 
(effective ~ 20,69%) + 200QTS

Common NFT cost = 16ADA -20% (3,2 ADA) 
final price 13 ADA 
(effective 18 ,75%) + 100QTS


  • Again, this ensures a certain degree of fairness!


2. QuestToken will allow you to buy cosmetics. These include, among others:

  • Emblems, special tribal insignia, cosmetic artifacts, decorations Skins for any kind of virtual items Profile pictures for social media channels, discord, AdaQuest portal etc.


3. QuestToken, give you access to the metaverse (Goblinverse). This will offer the following features:

  • Housing for your tribe or you personally
    i. More setup options within the buildings

  • Acquiring land parcels and placing property in select areas within AdaQuest





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