Gordek Hammerfist

Leader of the Dwarven


Gordek Hammerfist is the leader of the Dwarven founding tribe, he guards the Shard in the capital and binge Khazar-Razim. Hidden there in the vast corridors and caves, lies the Goguen Stone Shard of his people.


All these decades after the dishonorable trade - as the dwarves call the peace pact between the tribes of mages, barbarians, and the elves, the discontent, and their anger has accrued. It only takes a small "spark" to ignite the clenched dwarven anger. In the halls of the grim contemporaries, rumors have been circulating for a long time that Gordek is being pushed back and forth by all the other tribes and that his reign will not last much longer. These voices are growing day by day, and it is becoming more and more difficult for the leader of the Hammerfist tribe to keep his other allied companions in control.  


He is aware that only his knowledge about the repository of the Goguen Stone Shard currently ensures peace. But how long will this last?

Ama Aelrha

The Prince of Light


Ama Aelrha is an elf and a colorful personality of the new world ADA. Not surprisingly, his estimated age is said to measure about 3500 summers. Tall in stature, he has white-silver long hair. His skin appears very pale, yet shimmering glossy. He usually wears silver-white richly decorated clothes and dark jewelry.


Nothing is known about his youth, except that he has always devoted himself to the study of magic. He developed a completely new kind of magic. The so-called sacred magic! This is based on the assumption that the magic force consists of tiny particles that can be formed with the help of the will. This often results in spells that can cause great damage or heal other living beings.



Like all magicians, Ama the Light Prince came by birth from the Otherworld. On ADA, he united the schools of magic and negotiated the Great Peace. This in turn was sealed with the division of the Goguenstone.


High in the northwest stands his crystal tower with the labyrinth of Mirrotas in which a part of the stone is kept. From there the Light Prince presides over the Illumination Order. A strong union with specific rules and duties of the sacred mages.


Elf leader


Diundriel the elven princess and great warrior of the forests of ADA is the heroine for her clan, who ensures the safety of the Great Forests with her courage and foresight. As divided as the mages are, the great elven communities are bound together. The Elf Lady is probably the only elf who fights with a mighty axe-gleve. Her battles are said to be legendary.


She is muscularly built, has a medium gray matte complexion, short black hair and emerald green eyes. The five elven communities are subservient to her, yet have their independence. This may sound surprising to many people but the elves always come to a common opinion at some point, it's just a question of when. Because they have infinite time since they do not die a natural death. Diundriel lives in no particular place because she travels constantly through the forests. She is accompanied by a shard of the Goguen stone that is embedded in the amulet Rinowar, which tames and protects the stone with its living tendrils.


The great elf princess is able to speak with the trees and thus carry messages for miles. Thus she guards the dense forests of ADA with the mighty druids.


Baba Krasanawatsch

Barbarian leader


Baba Krasanawatch is the most famous hero of all barbarian tribes and thus their leader and chief skin. Baba is an imposing tall and very strong figure. Always near him is the powerful two-handed sword Ergosch.


But this is not the main reason why he has such a great popularity within the tribes.


Baba was born during the terrible Crystal War, which was fought over the most powerful of all crystals, the Goguen Stone. As the son of an honorable warrior, he had to witness the destruction of his homeland and the killing of his entire clan. As a grown man, he always fought honorably in many battles. As the Crystal War drew to a close, the barbarian tribes were divided and almost all defeated. But one man managed to unite the tribes. In a glorious battle, Baba Krasanawatch gave voice to the remaining tribes. This was crucial for the later negotiations with the other peoples of Ada. The barbarian leader sat at the Round Table of Peace and negotiated the division of the Goguenstein.


Just like the other three leaders of the other tribes, the Wolfpack Tribe of Baba claims to be called "Peacekeepers".