The Barbarians


The Barbarian class unites the strongest male and female warrior among themselves. Their greatest hero is Baba the Barbarian. He is a member of the Wolfclaws founding tribe. On Ada he is famous for his two-handed sword Ergosch. In its pommel he has placed the shard of the Goguen Stone. This fragment was given to him during the splitting ritual by Diundriel.



The various barbarian tribes rule over large steppes and roam the land with their huge war-horses. They are nomadic people, restless in their search for glory and honor, on land and at sea. Many songs of the greatest heroes and heroines tell their stories, these are traditionally sung in large wooden halls with plenty of food and wine and passed on to new generations of the tribes.



If you are strong, honorable and brave, then take the challenge and choose the class of barbarians as the one for your hero!


The Elves


The mystical community of elves dwells hidden deep in the vast primeval forests of ADA. For a long time, it was thought that their quick supernatural abilities were caused by magical powers. But that's not the case. Elves witness flash visions of future events. Therefore, they anticipate the movements of their opponents and can react faster than many other species. Therefore, they anticipate the movements of their opponents and can react faster than many other species.


Their leader Diundriel has encased the shard of the Goguen Stone in the amulet Rinowar. He wears it around his neck all the time. The elves care little about the activities of the humans and dwarfs. But what they are really up to may soon change the whole of ADA...


Join a tribe of elves and be introduced to the secrets of this community!


The Mages


Once the mages lived together peacefully and in a community. They ruled in the Otherworld. Ama the Prince of Light and Supreme of all mages, wanted to preserve this peace forever and so he created the Stick of Power. It hid the might to banish darkness from the Otherworld. But the evil can not be banished, because where there is light, the darkness is not afar.


So the mages strove for the stick. Enmity, hatred, and envy made their way into the Otherworld. Ama banished the stick to ADA, a world in which he believed the stick to be safe. But the mages followed the tracks into the new world and were the evil, which triggered the great war, because the stick alone was no longer enough for them, in their infinite greed they also wanted to own the Goguen stone.


This one should fill their old world with its light.


The great war left its mark and the situation for the mages was not favorable. Ama, however, managed to unite the mages as one tribe. He negotiated a peace pact with the barbarians, the dwarfs, and the elves. As a pledge of peace, the Goguen stone was split into four pieces. Since then, one of the shards has been hidden in the labyrinth of Mirrotas in the Light Lord's Mage Tower.


The mages are powerful beings, for they control the elements and can cause devastating destruction. Among them, there are the white, gray, and black mages. They live in mage towers and surround themselves with different kinds of studies. While the good mages love light and life, the bad ones are often powerful necromancers. In addition, there are other academies of various elements. So far, however, none of the others had attempted to overthrow the Prince of Light.



The following elements of magic schools are known so far on ADA: Light, Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Death.


The Dwarfs


It is obvious, the small dwarves are the best blacksmiths on ADA. They are also grim and always in a bad temper, but they never avoid a fight.


Gordek Hammerfist is the leader of the dwarves, he guards the Shard in the capital and Binge Khazar-Razim. There, in the almost endless corridors and caves, there lies hidden the Goguen Shard.


All these decades after the honorless trade - as the dwarves call the peace act between the tribes of mages, barbarians and the elves, the dwarves' resentment and anger has accumulated. It takes only a small "spark" to ignite the concentrated dwarven power. It has long been rumored in the halls of the grim contemporaries that Gordek is being pushed around by all the other nations and that his reign will not last much longer.



So these voices increase day by day and for the leader of the Hammerfist tribe it becomes more and more difficult to keep his other allied coevals in line.

He is aware that only his knowledge of the Goguenshard's repository can keep the peace for now. But for how long? Well, that might be decided alone by you and your chosen journey! Decide! Are you with Gordek or against him?