Ultor's last cargo

Massive two handed weapon


At the time when the Stormbreaker tribe was slowly forming and growing faster through the successful hunt for Wondo whales, one captain was particularly well known.

Lizzy 'Bones" Winters and her small fleet of two ships sailed in the wild sea region. South of Shuka, the experienced deep-sea fishermen found a hunting ground rich in the rapacious wondo. These huge toothed whales grow up to 15 metres long and weigh around 35 tonnes!

The crew found a small enclave not far from Dragon Island. They used this as a starting point so that they would not have to make the long journey back to Siegelheim every time. Especially not when the cargo only half filled the hold.

This was also the case that day when Boney's crew and their two ships wanted to sail to the enclave with a full load of harpoons. The main ship was called Ultor and it was to be its last voyage!



Today, various stories are told about the course of this voyage full of mysterious events. The only certainty is that according to the records found, the time of year and the weather did not point to a storm. Nevertheless, the sky darkened and the crew suddenly had to deal with heavy seas. Also, some tales record attacks from the water and even from the air.

What happened on that day can no longer be elucidated today. More than 300 years have passed since then! None of the sailors survived, Boney and her ship Ultor were never seen again.

However, harpoons with special magical abilities have recently been appearing on the black markets of Ada. Mostly old and sometimes heavily infested with coral.


All these rare weapons have one thing in common, a deeply carved ornate U protrudes from the end of the holding rod!